Monday, 31 December 2007

A couple of pictures

Hi Pete

Thanks for your comments. I do try to update on a Friday so that those visiting the site have an idea of when something new will appear. I know it doesn't always work out that way so perhaps from now on I will take your advice and try to provide the updates on the same Friday evening but not be specific every week about it and then I won't need to apologise when I miss it.

I would like to provide more photos as the build develops but prior to today I was obsessed with moving all the tools etc out of the shot so you could see just the car. Having had a discussion about it with a friend we have decided that from now on the photos will be just a snap shot of what was happening on the day. That means they are not staged and I don't have to spent hours moving everything out of the way only to move it all back afterwards to continue working.

Just to keep you all happy have included a couple of photos from today.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Update for Friday 28th December

Well it feels like Friday to me. Okay so I know that it's really 01.33 and so we are now into Saturday but I haven't been to bed yet so I'm claiming it to be Friday!!!!

Some progress has been made in the last week with a start having been made on turning the chassis into a rolling chassis.
I have made some progress on the new feet for the windscreen and have collected the wheels, hubs and spinners. The tyres have been fitted so that next week we can finish the back of the car, the bonnet and the side panels then as soon as the remaining fibreglass panels arrive we can finish the body.

Will definitely have more progress to report upon next Friday so see you then.


Saturday, 22 December 2007

Update Saturday 22nd December

Sorry folks, no excuses for missing yesterdays update, I was here and could have done it but somehow forgot that it was due!

We are now waiting on rear wings, front wings and doors and then the body is finished. The new moulds will be made over the Christmas period and so very early into the new year we should have them and they can be attached.

In the meantime it looks like I will be spending the holiday period building up the chassis. Have collected the wheels, all electrical items and the engine so probably 95% of the parts are here in case I make exceptional progress and need them to keep building.

As I build I have to take the necessary photos and write the build manual so we are still very busy and now just about hanging onto the planned time schedule.

My thanks this week go to Steve at SVC in Tamworth for his help, and also to Mark and Jo at Jigsaw racing at Desborough for their continued support.

To those who have emailed me direct regarding the progress I will attempt to reply with a photo or two and once I can clear some space in the workshop so you can actually see the car I will photograph it and put them on the blog.

To everyone who has provided help in any way, from all of us here at the works, have a very good Christmas. To all those of you who are following the blog also have a very good Christmas and if you get a chance to bring a little joy into someones Christmas who is less fortunate than yourself then please try.

See you on the 28th!


Saturday, 15 December 2007

Update Saturday 15th December 2007

Hi there all, Sorry for the delayed update but we have been away on the works outing to Dublin and have only just returned!!

Well progress has been very slow this week, mainly due to the above works outing and us not being here to do any work!!!

The body was almost finished before we went away, just the bonnet to be fabricated and then we can commence building the rolling chassis, fit the engine etc and write the build manual.

Plenty of ordering of various fixtures and fittings so that they arrive before Christmas so we are able to continue working through the festive break without being stuck for parts.

We remain somewhere near where I hoped we'd be (I think) and so far no real show stoppers so I suppose its waiting somewhere round the corner.

Hopefully more to tell you next week when we've had the chance to put in a few days work!!!


Friday, 7 December 2007

Friday 7th December update (Just)

Just made it on Friday. Have made some progress this week, but not as much as we were hoping. I also thought that I may be able to add another photo, but will now probably add that on Sunday night after another 2 days work.

The louvred panels are now made but not yet attached. We have collected the scuttle tonight and I will fit that before taking the photo. Once the scuttle is fitted we can start to shape the bonnet.

I have to spend a few days next week visiting some of our suppliers and so progress next week will not be as good as I would have hoped for and of course that will then start on the run into Christmas.
It is starting to look like a very short Christmas break in order to claim back some of the lost time in order to stay on course.

Every day remains a challenge but there's still nothing I would rather be doing.

Will be back next Friday with a further progress report, see you all next week