Friday, 29 February 2008

Friday 29th February

I returned to Jigsaw racing services on Monday where Alan provided some considerable knowledge in fitting the Spitfire Mk3 wiring loom. Although there are several lengths slightly out for our car at this moment in time it seems to be the best option available to us.
I have made contact with a local firm who will look at our schematic and see about producing a loom especially for the Gentry.
The new panels have arrived for the bonnet and are now being worked on in order to produce the final bonnet from which the master mould will be made.
The petrol tank cover has also arrived and will be fitted in the next few days. We have also received the doors and they will also be fitted next week.
The famous screen feet have come back from the foundry and have been chromed by Attleborough Metal Polishing of Oaston Road, Nuneaton. They took them in on Wednesday and I got them back today! Excellent service and certainly helps when you are fighting a deadline.

My right hand man Cliff is currently doing an excellent impression of Douglas Bader after having both knees operated on. He managed to get as far as the workshop today and claims to be coming back in next week to ensure that we are ready for the SVA test and then the launch.

See you all next week.


Friday, 22 February 2008

Update Friday 22nd February 2008

Well this week it seems like I have been making progress but I can't see any changes to the car!

We continue to progress the build, working from the back forwards. I am awaiting delivery of the last few panels so that various parts can be finalised.
Today we have been looking a the Rapid fit wiring loom to see if this is a suitable way forward for our future customers but at the moment that is looking like a big 'No'
Both the front and rear looms proved to be too short for our car and although I will make contact with the manufacturer I believe that we may have to look to an alternative supplier.

The famous feet are back at the foundry to have another pattern cast, then they'll be off to the chromer.

A few days spent on the engine should see everything fitted and if the electrics go in next week hopefully the car will be started for the first time.
The it's a case of doors fitted, prepared for painting and off to be sprayed.
Once that has been completed the interior can be fitted, hood frame etc made and final check over before its SVA test.
Sounds simple doesn't it? Well fingers crossed we continue the progress at this rate and then we'll certainly make the launch.

See you next week.


Friday, 15 February 2008

Update Friday 15th February 2008

A busy week this week that has thrown up one or two little issues that need quick solutions.
We have now moved into the area of fitting various components like fuel tank, running boards, wing piping etc and starting to move our way forwards finishing off all necessary outstanding jobs.
The dash is nearly ready to be sent off for veneering just one or two minor ammendments to be made first.
Having spent tonight working through the various outstanding issues and comparing the time available I feel that we are still about there and should make the launch as planned. It is going to mean a few late nights (again) and working 6 or 7 days a week but at least having a launch date to work to keeps you focused!
I have ammended the timeline several times this week and have to keep re-contacting various people who are due to help with the new times/dates but so far their support has been great and with their continued help we should be okay.

This is a very brief update for this week and I look forward to being able to bring more detailed develpments next week.

See you all next week.


Friday, 8 February 2008

Photos for Friday 8th Feb 2008

As you can see the body is swung across on the engine hoist and slowly lowered onto the waiting chassis.
Nearly settled down into its resting place. Just a few careful checks around to ensure that everything is in the right place and nothing is going to catch.
The body now sat on the chassis and the hoist removed.

The colour of the car can be seen on top of the bulkhead. (It isn't the colour of the wings, thats the colour they came out of the moulds)

In actual fact the colour has slightly darkened under the artifical lights and when finished and put outside will look more cream and less tan. (Hopefully)
A quick shot of the rear of the car, waiting to be completed with fuel tank, lights etc.

As you can see from the above pictures, a good week this last week.

The body is now on the chassis aand is heading towards the final build.

The windscreen feet have been returned from the foundry and shaped. Now they head off to the chromers. Dash board will be leaving within the next day or so for veneering, its all going too well at present.

I still believe we are on schedule or there abouts, and could make the launch at the beginning of May. Still keeping everything crossed just in case though!

Would like to say 'Hello' to all our readers in Somersham, Cambridgeshire. If the progress continues in this manner we could actually see the car being brought down for its photo shoot before the launch, which is what I was hoping for.

Will sign off now as there are 'extra' bits I would like to get done and it's always better to strike while the iron is hot, so while things are going smoothly I'll get back to it.

See you next week, hopefully with the same silly big grin on my face that I have now.


Friday, 1 February 2008

Update Friday 1st February 2008

Well I can't quite believe we are into Feb already!

The Isuzu is still away being fixed! (Well that's fixed when they've worked out what's wrong with it) but even without it we have managed to get the body back to the workshop for the final build.
The engine bay has been painted. It is now classified by us as 'Baileys Cream' coloured or alternatively 'old Irish cream'.
The chassis is finished and has been turned into a fully completed chassis, engine, gearbox, prop shaft, diff, drive shafts, brakes etc etc.
All that remains is to fibreglass the rear wings to the body, finish all fibreglassing underneath and then attach the body to the chassis and complete the build.
Once the body is back up the right way I will drop a photo onto the blog to show what colour it actually is. That should be later in the week if everything goes according to plan.
The dash will shortly be sent away for veneering and the speedo for calibration. The new windscreen feet have been polished and returned to the foundry to have a pair cast in brass. Once they return they will be polished and sent away for chroming.
I still remain optimistic that we are there or thereabouts as far as the completion date is concerned and still hope that the car will be launched at the kit car show at Stoneleigh on May 4th.

Will be back next week to provide the next instalment. Thanks to all of you who have emailed us with comments of enthusiasm. It really does help to know that there are others out there who would like to see the car back in production and are wishing us well.