Saturday, 25 July 2009

Hey Getting Better! Only 1 day late!!!!

The time is fast approaching for our latest car to be submitted to the new IVA test. If you have followed the development of the IVA test you will know that there are a few subtle changes and some not so subtle ones.
The subtle ones include items like a warning on or near the brake master cylinder only to use the correct fluid, the horn now comes into the test for the first time, a reversing light and a second mirror on the nearside.
The not so subtle ones relate to the new requirement for head rests. If anyone has any design ideas as to how to incorporate a fairly large and high headrest into a 1950's replica sports tourer then please feel free to email me, call me, send me photos or sketches etc as I am struggling to see how to do it and still retain the good looks of the car.
I can fabricate a new seat with the headrests attached, that is quite a simple job, but trying to get it to look in keeping with the rest of the car is quite frankly a nightmare. Anyone wishing to help then please get in touch.

That aside we remain busy with order now taking us into the middle of next year so things are going very well with kits and cars being ordered after every show we attend.

We have been invited to attend the Asda charity day at Bruntingthorpe proving ground on Sunday 2nd August so if you want to attend then let me know as you need an entry form. These will cost you a £5 donation per car but I am told the day is well worth it with plenty to do and of course all the money raised goes to charity so it is well worth supporting.

I read somewhere the other day that we should 'Plan for the worst, hope for the best and then accept whatever comes along and get on with it' Sounds a bit like building a kit car to me. Must have been written by someone who built their own car.

See you all in a fortnight.


Thursday, 9 July 2009

An Update!!!!!!!

Have I ever told you that when at school my teachers all used to say 'Geoff has the ability but only uses it when he wants to!'

It's not that I'm lazy, far from it, it is just a matter of available time and having to prioritise.

Any way enough babble about why I haven't given you any updates.

Things are very very busy at the moment. We are nearing the end of a complete build, working on a kit and now taking orders that will be started on in January 2010!

We are having a mad time with spares being posted off all over the world. France in particular are enjoying the exchange rates and making the most of the current financial climate.

'Digby' our old car that we completed the London to Brighton in during 2007 and the Silverstone Classic during 2008 is now enjoying life with its new owner 'Elwyn' in Sweden.

I have attached a photo of a British car meet in Hjo last weekend where Elwyn and good lady wife, Christina spent the entire day explaining what it was, where it had come from and how to get one!

For those of you that just check out the website and Blog and don't receive the Gentry Journal (From the Gentry Register) we have tried to identify a slightly larger premises to work from and have drawn a blank. We are planning to make a few small changes were we are and the 'extra' space I will gain in the workshop will make a significant difference to how we set up the table jigs for chassis and bodies and so our lives should become a little easier!!!

Anyway, I have sorted the calender on my outlook and placed some reminders on it so that from now one we may get some more regular updates.