Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday 26th April

After our great news at the beginning of the week the car has returned to the trim shop for the final trimming and the hood and sidescreens to be made.
All the small detail is now being fitted ready for the launch on the 4th May at Stoneleigh and barring any great disasters we will be there on time with the car looking how I had always hoped she would look.

I always knew the car could be made to look right and still obtain the SVA approval but it was just the time scale of making sure that we were ready for the show that was always going to be the issue.
We have achieved it because so many people have stepped up to the mark when it was necessary and have delivered on time. To those people I say a huge 'Thank You' without your help we could not have managed it.
Although previously mentioned on the Blog, the biggest Thank You has to go to Cliff Wakelin.
Cliff has been there from the very start and even when his knee surgery forced him to rest he was still very keen to hear how things were going and got back into the swing of things well before his consultant would have liked. His knowledge, guidance, skill and friendship have been overwhelming. Without his help I would still be sitting on the garage floor scratching my head and wondering which way to go. I believe the Register is very lucky to have Cliff as its Chair and we are very lucky to have Cliff and Gill as friends.


Monday, 21 April 2008

Excellent SVA News for the Gentry

We took our 'nearly' complete Demonstrator across to Garretts Green testing station today so that the SVA Inspector could check on our hard work so far and get the okay on certain 'period' fittings like the 'Desmo' type external mirror, bonnet escutcheons, dash layout etc and came away very pleased with ourselves.

The car was considered to be of the highest quality, well engineered, built to a very high standard and presented in excellent condition. As the car is still incomplete it was not possible to complete a full SVA test but the news from the tester that once complete a successful SVA approval was 'just around the corner' was exactly the words we were waiting to hear.
With the Stoneleigh kit car show being only a few weeks away we just needed confirmation from the 'official' quarters that we were still able to produce a car that looked the part and would pass the test.
I am now happy that all our hard work has been rewarded accordingly and so once we hit the show on the 4th May the car will once again be available on the market in self build form!!!!!!!!

What more can you say? Except a very big thank you to everyone who has helped get us this far. The list of contributors grows each day and all I can say to them all is 'Without you, your help and support, we would not have made this progress. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has helped and look forward to your continued support throughout the coming months and years as we see the 'Gentry' back out there on sale.

Right now I'm not sure whether to look for the nearest pub to celebrate or just head off to bed to sleep for a few days!!


Saturday, 19 April 2008

Photo Update

For those of you who visit the site more than once a week just in case, here is your bonus photo!
Paul and Pete, from C.A.T Development Ltd, looking mighty pleased at their work so far and why shouldn't they.
We agree that their work so far has been spectacular and really sets the car off to its best advantage.
Well done boys, we think the interior looks a million dollars and can't wait to see if finished completely.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Friday 18th April

We have just completed a most manic week pushing as hard as we can to finish the car on time.

Last Sunday, the 13th, the engine was started for the first time. At exactly 5pm, much to the joy of everyone in the workshop at the time, the engine was cranked over, the oil pushed all around the engine. Out went the oil and brake warning lights and the engine sprang into life. Now for anyone who hasn't spent many hours building a car I suppose they wouldn't get excited about such a small matter, but it does seem to bring the whole project together and give an immense amount of satisfaction.

With that achieved we switched her off and all had a small drink to celebrate!

First thing on Monday morning we headed off to Jigsaw for the wheel alignment check, then returned to finish off more small jobs before dropping the car off at the trim shop.
The car has been backwards and forwards through the remainder of the week and has now settled until last thing tomorrow with the trimmers.

Once we collect her tomorrow it really is heads down and finish all the little jobs that will make her a very special car, ready for the launch at the Stoneleigh kit car show on the 4th May!!!

See you next week when I hope we will be either finished or so very close to finishing.


Friday, 11 April 2008

Friday 11th April

Just stopped briefly to provide a very quick update.
As seen from earlier photos the car is back from the paintshop. The push is now on to build the car and finish all the little bits prior to the SVA.
There currently aren't enough hours in the day as so much has to be done in such a short space of time.
Our day starts at about 8am and finished at anywhere around 11pm and I will quite readily admit that I am feeling the strain!
The car should go ff to the trimmers next week so my working day will be reduced. Then I can focus on trying to finish the build manual, prepare all the literature for the show stand, ensure that our stand is going to come together as we would hope and then have a rest.

I hope that by next week the car will be very close to being finished, if not it could be me that is very close to being finished.

See you next week


Monday, 7 April 2008

Update Monday 7th April

Above are the last photos you you will see before the 'official' launch on the 3rd May

I will be providing the weekly updates as the 're-build' continues and until the launch, but once we move past the present state i.e. tomorrow, no-one will see the car until finished and launched.

The car is actually still in the paintshop as Ian was still polishing and finishing off. We will collect it tomorrow and then it's all hands to the pump to get it finished.

See you Friday, Geoff

Friday, 4 April 2008

Friday 4th April

I've been keeping busy since the car went to the paint shop cleaning up the workshop and repainting the floor. It's not very often you get the chance to have the workshop completely empty and so we've tried to make best use of the time.

Our dash returned today from Chapman and Cliff and I have to say that their service has been fantastic. A good job, good price and returned within the timescales they stated. I would recommend them and their work to anyone.

I visited the paintshop and took a few photos of the car awaiting its first colour coat. We are expecting it back early next week so with luck I will provide an 'additional' update on Monday or Tuesday.

In the meantime it's a case of checking through all the relevant items, making sure we have everything we need to complete the build within a very short time scale next week.

See you next week, hopefully at the beginning with some colour on the car.