Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Update Tuesday 21st May 2008

We returned today from the VOSA site in Birmingham with our 'Minister's Approval Certificate' having successfully passed the outstanding parts of our SVA test!!

It has taken a few weeks to get back in for a test after it wasn't possible to complete the test in April but all the outstanding matters have now been tested and much to our delight the tester was very happy with his short drive around and quickly developed what we all know as 'the Gentry smile'
He made comment that how nice it was to have a car that looked so good and also drove so well.
Apparently all to often a car is presented to him that looks good, but when it comes to the driving experience it all falls flat. Not in our case.
He thought it handled very well, was responsive and he liked the driving position.
So it's all steam ahead as the orders start coming in.


Sunday, 11 May 2008

2nd post of the day!

Above are two pictures of the 'alternative' Gentry as modelled by Gentry Register members Andrew and Sue's daughter Catherine. The magnificent top for our launch cake was made from pictures of an incomplete car! The attention to detail is just like the 'real' one and given the fact that when it was made some of the detail was not available the finished car can only be described as outstanding.

Thank you to Catherine. This car will be with us for ever as a momento of the launch day and all the hard work that led up to it.

New Midlands secretary Jurek took this photo of the car on the stand. It was one of the few occasions throughout the weekend when you could see the car!

Update Sunday 11th May 2008

Well to have got this far you have probably come via the website and so you will have seen that I've changed things around a little and also provided the pictures of the demonstrator directly onto the website.

I have also had to change the post comments section of the blog, so please continue to leave messages. They are then emailed to me before appearing on the Blog. I then get to decide whether they are published or not. I haven't done this to keep any criticism off the Blog as we will always take on board constructive comments. Unfortunately some of the spammers and advertisers had found that they could put links onto the page via their comments and so before you knew what was happening you were whisked off to some other site/advert just by trying to read a comment apparently placed on the Blog by some Gentry fan!

We have been taking a well earned rest since the show last Sunday/Monday. It has given us a chance to catch up on all those little jobs that have been put to one side for a few months.
On Monday we start again as we re-organise the workshop back to a production area for fabricating chassis' and bodies.

Still searching around various manufacturers and suppliers for various bits and pieces so we can continue to develop the car in one or two small areas like door locks etc.

Many thanks to all those who came to the show and spoke to us about the build and the Blog. From your comments it has all been worth while.

See you later,