Saturday, 17 October 2009

Saturday 17th October 2009

Hi Folks
Two updates nearly on time! Things are getting better.

We have a car ready for the IVA test next week so if all goes according to plan by the next update I will be able to report on the latest rules etc and how the Gentry has done.

I have looked at the holiday issue for next year and the build of the police car (I was hoping to use the police car for the holiday) and decided that the holiday is on but having the car ready to use isn't. Simply not enough hours in the day to build kits for customers and also build me a car. Not to worry, we can always use the demonstrator instead.
The holiday will be a bit of a bus mans holiday as we take a tour round France in the car. We are planning on going the first two weeks of September and will hopefully be meeting up with some of the growing number of French Gentry owners. At present it looks like there will be two other Gentry's coming with us, so if you are interested in coming along then drop me an email. the plans are very fluid and likely to remain so throughout the whole trip. It is going to be a leisurely enjoyable saunter through France with enough time to enjoy the sites, food, wine and company.

I thought about adding a 'Fact or Fiction' part to our website as we hear so many rumours, myths etc I will see how many more I receive before adding a few of them to either entertain or advise you. You may be surprised by a few.

Must rush, work to do. See you all in a fortnight.


Saturday, 3 October 2009

3rd October 2009

Hi Folks
Nearly made an update on time! It'll never catch on!
Well at long last it feels like we are making some progress. The new heated screen glass has arrived and the first new frame is due back from the chrome platers any day now. To add to that we now have received the latest version of the grill and it looks superb.
I will be adding some photos of both to the main web site soon.

Thanks to all those who came along to the show at Stafford, it is always nice to meet other Gentry folk in person.
Our order books are now full until the end of August next year and so any new orders coming in will be for work commencing September. I'm told that this year (I think that's next year) I have to plan on taking a holiday and need to schedule that into the build dates.

The police car is sitting in my sisters garage as once again we have run out of time. It has a chassis, engine and gearbox. Very shortly I may get round to putting the front and rear suspensions. Then it will feel like I am making progress.

See you all in a fortnight, must leave as I have some work to do!