Saturday, 21 February 2009

Update Sat 21st February

Hi All

I have just had to endure a week of waiting, trying to fill my time with all the various little jobs that go with a complete build, whilst waiting for some new panels to arrive.
I have altered the bulkhead design to add more strength to the top, slightly more length to help those who are taller and hopefully an inch or two in the width to help with foot room around the pedals
At the same time we have sent the louvred side panels to the fibreglass guru to see if we can have them molded so that in future they could also be a fibreglass panel instead of aluminium.
The trouble is all these things take time and when you need the completed article to continue with the build it can delay things, anyway a slight delay now is always better if it helps to improve the buildability and quality of the car in the long run!
The current build is going to be red when finished and as soon as we have settled on the exact colour and had the engine bay painted I will post a photo or two. Finding a red that looks right for the car is not as easy as it sounds. To those of you that I have emailed about your cars colour, Thank You, it always helps to use a known colour rather than randomly picking a colour that may or may not be suitable.
Anyway, must get back to the tiling in the kitchen! I've already pushed my luck as far as I dare with the kitchen (that still isn't quite finished) and so have to make a special effort over the weekend to keep everyone happy.

see you in a fortnight


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Update Wednesday 11th February 2009

Okay, my mistake. I have been so busy that I forgot to come and look at the blog to see when the update was due. I have resolved the issue now by putting the dates into my outlook calendar so in future there should be not more missed updates as the calendar will remind me.

The current build is going very well. The windscreens are being made in China! it is the only place that will make them at a reasonable cost and waive the 'set up' costs.
We are making some slight alterations during this build so that all the little bits that we feel could be improved upon are sorted. Nothing great or probably noticeable but I feel that they will improve the car further.
The current build will be having a 1500 spitfire engine and Ford type 9 gearbox so it will be very interesting to compare the difference in gearbox performance once it is built. I feel that not having to 'extend' the gearbox remote will be a big advantage. The Ford type 9 places the gear lever exactly where you would want it without the need for any alterations whatsoever.

We are looking at seat designs as the new 'IVA' which replaces the SVA test in April requires headrests to be fitted. We have developed a good design which should make a good strong comfortable seat, be easier for the trimmer to trim and comply with the new regulations.

Still picking up a few pieces here and there for the 'police' replica but the build is not being progressed as work is just too busy.

Next update Friday 20th February and thereafter every 2 weeks!!