Friday, 2 April 2010

Seat photo update

A couple of photos of the 'new' seats. We think they are very comfortable which is always good but also suit the car well for looks.
These are covered in leather to match the rest of the cars interior but could easily be covered in vinyl.

Delayed update!!!

Well there's a surprise I hear you all say!!

We were away last week on the Southern Area rally. All was going great, meeting some of the Southern area members we had never met before and then the drive shaft broke! It can be very annoying at times. There are people that took their old ones out of their donor and dropped them into the Gentry. They have never had any issues from them at all!

We buy a reconditioned pair that are uprated with thicker shafts for racing purposes so that they are more than man enough for the job. 350 miles later and then fall apart!!!

Recovery courtesy of the AA and a quick strip out and examination and we find that ours has a faulty casting. The good news is that they are being replaced as clearly they are faulty, the bad news is the car has to be off the road whilst the new one arrives and then I have to find a few hours to refit and bleed the brakes.

Above right is a photo of the shaft for you to see what it looks like when the casting is faulty and it gives up on you.
Anyway onto better things. I have just collected the red Gentry from the trimmers and so we can get a first glimpse of the 'new' seats in situ. The ones in the photo's (photos will follow in the next update straight after this one) are not yet bolted into place but you get a very good idea of what they are going to look like.
They are designed to look similar to the bench seat arrangement but are actually 2 individual seats one runners so that each one will move on its own giving you the freedom to move the seat position to suit more than one driver.
We love them and if I can find the time will be changing the demonstrator seat, which is a fixed bench seat, for a pair of these.
See you all next week