Friday, 30 July 2010

Update 30th July 2010

Hi Folks
Got my act together? Well for tonight maybe, but don't get used to it 'cause it can't last long!!

We continue to produce various parts for customers with kits clearly being at the top of the list.
We are now full with orders until the end of the year and so any new orders taken now are for work that will start at the end of January 2011!

We were supposed to be heading off to France in the very near future but that has been stopped by the NHS who now want both of us in for surgery during September. So those plans have been shelved for another few months. This is the second time that we have tried to get to France in the cars and the second time that we have failed. You know what they say about third time lucky.

The next show we are at is Shugborough. Never been there before so hopefully it will be a good day. We are also booked into the Triumph Sports Six show at Stafford in August, the Coventry run in September and then finally Kettering steam fair to end the year.

I am hoping to do all the ground work before Stafford so whilst the car is on the stand I can do a quick video of the car and the business and get it onto UTube. Anyone wanting to lend a hand with any ideas pleas give me a call, all offers of help are welcome!!!

See you soon,


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Update for the 3rd July

Hi Folks
Since last speaking we have attended Newark and are planning on visiting Hollowell steam fair tomorrow.
Work is continuing with our current orders which is keeping me very busy and with each kit I build I can incorporate some fine 'tweaks' so soon I will be happy that I'm where I want to be.

We were looking forward to our break in France but it would appear that the national health service has put paid to that idea! They have decided in their wisdom that September would be a good time for me to have some more surgery and if they can't manage to get me in then they will have Ellen in instead to sort her arm. so one way or anther it looks like September is a non starter for a break and so we are back to the drawing board to work out what to do next.

I received an email from Elwyn in Sweden and a photo of him and is Gentry with the 'Best in Show' trophy. I was going to put the photo here but I think I'll put it onto the website instead.

Can anyone help with my next invention please? I want a mechanical finger, probably on an arm, attached to the top of my computer. Then when I switch it on, if there is anything I haven't yet done, the finger pokes me in the left shoulder area to remind me that there is an outstanding issue.
Anyway, enough from me. The plasterer is here dealing with the garden walls. Soon I will have a nice relaxing place to chill after a long hard days work so I'm off to supervise for a change!
See you in a fortnight.