Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Update for May?

What can I say?
One update during April and already we are into May. For those of you who visit on a regular basis and have missed any updates I can only apologise. The computer did crash and put me out of action for a while and I have been exceptionally busy but that is still no excuse as to where the updates have been.

I am building a complete car and kit and so far the progress on both has been good. The two have nicely intertwined and when I have been waiting for parts on one I have been able to work on the other.

Just to add an extra element into the picture we are also looking to move!!!
Having clearly run out of room the time has come to look for more suitable accomodation and hopefully build a purpose built workspace.
Finding somewhere is proving to be a nightmare without the issue of selling in this economic climate.

Anyway, I will be abck on a more regular basis to provide you with an update of builds, moves and anything else that is happening.