Saturday, 13 December 2008

Late Update

To all those of you who return to the Blog for regular updates then I can only apologise for my lack of update last Friday. I have been trying to keep the wife finishing her long awaited kitchen. I felt that as she had been very patient it was only fair that I made the extra effort and pushed on with it before Christmas. We have made quite some progress but have to now return to the workshop to finish off some orders before Christmas and then prepare for a full build from the first week of January 2009.

Our order books are looking good considering the issues that many are facing. The build we are about to commence is for a customer and hopefully as it develops we will provide the normal fortnightly updates with some photos thrown in for good measure.
The intention with this one is for a Triumph 1500 engine with Ford type 9 gearbox. Interior will have 2 separate seats, in cream leather, dash like the demonstrator and a few other 'extras' as we go along.
This of course means that the replica police TF will have to sit and wait for any significant developments, but as and when we get the usual hold ups I'm sure we'll be able to wheel it into the workshop for some work.

If I forget to provide an update before Christmas then all have a good one and I'll be back in the new year.