Friday, 31 August 2007

Friday 31st August 2007

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!
We are now totally 'jigged' out and were hoping that the chassis would have been welded up today, but other aspects of the business kept getting in the way like collecting another 13/60 Herald that could end up as a donor.
I will take the weekend to ensure that everything is ready and correct and then first thing next week will weld up the chassis.
This keeps us on target and within our planned timescales.
The development of the body tub is continuing and some changes have been made resulting in new moulds having to be made. This work was expected and so won't cause any unexpected delays.
For the second week running things have gone according to plan and we remain on course for the 3rd May launch. When will something happen to cause a delay? Who knows? Something is sure to. Our only hope is to keep pressing forwards whilst we can and hope we have planned enough 'catch up' time into the plan for when it happens.
See you all next Friday and hopefully by then I will have a photo of the first chassis from the new works.


Friday, 24 August 2007

Friday 24th August update

Okay so it's Friday! I know I said I'd update on a Friday and so here I am. Not a great deal more I can say about progress as the last update was given on Tuesday.
We have spent the last few days measuring and checking dimensions for the new chassis. It is now all marked out and some jigs made. Next week will see the final preparations completed and the new chassis will then be produced.
We are looking ahead at the body tub specifications working with the SVA inspector and the fibreglass specialist to ensure that the tub will meet everyones requirements. Hopefully the new bulkhead area can be fireproofed (not that anyone has ever caught fire!) and strengthened using the latest available technology. If the SVA inspector is happy with our proposals for the tub and seat belt anchorages we will move swiftly into the tub production so that we maintain our current momentum.
See you next Friday,


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Build Commences

To all those of you who have been regularly visiting the Blog page to keep up to date with the progress then I apologise for the lack of up to date information. However, I can now report that the necessary building work has been completed and we have made a start.
Fairly basic stuff initially, making trestles and work tables.
We are now about to make the 'additional' jigs we need for the chassis and body tub. By next week we should be in a position to commence welding our first chassis and the one to be used on the demonstrator.

My intention now we have moved on is to ensure that at the end of every week our progress is reported so you can all monitor the developments as they occur. I will look to provide the update either last thing on a Friday night, or first thing Saturday morning.

Speak to you all soon