Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturday 17th January 2009

Hi Folks
Sorry for the recent lapse in regular updates but due to work and health things seemed to have slipped slightly.
Anyway the health is now sorted and the work is as busy as usual so it should be normal service being resumed.
After recovering from the traditional winter bug over Christmas and New Year and dealing with the 'extra' long shutdown of businesses over the Christmas period we are now back in full swing.
I am currently building a customers car and so work has commenced on his chassis (nearly finished) and very soon we will commence the build of the body tub and then turn it into a car.
That means of course that my 'Police Replica' is pushed to one side whilst we build for a customer.
Many thanks to those of you who have spotted various parts I may require for my car and emailed me with the details. I do try to keep an eye out for them but always manage to miss some of them!
Anyway, as soon as I have cleared it with the customer I will publish some photos of the build as we go and you will be able to follow the progress in the normal way.
Have a good 2009, keep building/restoring your Gentry's and if you know where there are any for sale then let me know as we have received several inquiries in recent weeks for completed 'older' cars.