Saturday, 27 October 2007

Update for Friday 26th October

Okay, Okay so I said last week I'd try harder and I've still managed to do the update a day late!
The slap on the wrist obviously didn't work last week but after the week we've just endured I'm giving myself an excuse this week.

Eventually we made good progress but the beginning and middle of the week didn't go as expected as we uncovered one issue after another. By the end of the week we had made up lost time and ended on a high.

The body frame is very nearly completed but I didn't want to include a photo of it until after it has been painted and so you'll just have to wait until the next update!

We made several adjustments during the week so that I could include a purpose made radiator and fuel tank into the kit. At least that should ensure that the engine is correctly cooled and the fuel tank survives for the life of the vehicle. If the fuel tank proves to be successful we will be able to offer both a mild steel and alloy version.

Overall I am happy with what we have achieved so far and according to the planned time line remain on course for our launch.

By the next update we will certainly have the body frame finished, and perhaps even some of the body panels attached. I feel sure that a photo will be available!!

If you're going to the restoration show tomorrow see you there, don't forget the clocks go back tonight.
If not going to the show then see you all next FRIDAY for the next update


Saturday, 20 October 2007

Week ending 19th October Update

Yes I know it's a day late! I've given myself a slap on the wrist for being so behind and will try to do better next week.
We have spent an interesting week jigging up for the body frame and dealing with other non business related issues.
We have made good progress and would hope that by the next update I will have a photo of the frame sitting on top of the chassis!!

Keep identifying little issues that we think we can overcome, but not sure how many of these 'little' issues will eventually come back to bite us!

Will have to go now. Come back next week for the latest pictures and some more developments.


Sunday, 14 October 2007

13th October Update, but a day late!!

Hi Everyone,
Have now got back from our short break away and have found enough time to provide the latest update.
Much planning, considering, thinking, drawing, working out then starting all over again has been going on over the last few weeks whilst we took a break from the actual 'hands on' of building.
It has provided some clarity in which way to move next and also raised a few questions that need to have solutions found to them.
Work will recommence tomorrow with the build of the body frame and frame jigs and so things remain on target. I would hope by Friday that we would have made some significant progress and I am looking forward to reporting on it accordingly.

Will now go back to the Friday updates and these will continue right up to the completion of the car.

Back on the 19th. Geoff