Wednesday, 25 June 2008

After Newark

Hi Folks,
Just recovering after a very busy Newark kit car show. As with Stoneleigh, very many people coming onto the stand to see the car and many many positive comments. My main concern now is that quite a few of the potential 'new' builders are planning on waiting until the 'darker' nights to build their cars. I can see that around September/October time we will have a sudden rush and a few customers will be disappointed to learn that their kit won't be ready until next Spring!

I keep trying to tell them that they need to order straight away so that the work load can be spread out evenly and therefore be in with a chance of having something to work on over the winter, but there are still those who don't believe me.

We could have sold the 'Demonstrator' several times again at the show but then the stand would look a little empty for Peterborough and Exeter.

Some of our customers from far and wide came to Newark and it's always nice to meet people you've only previously spoken to on the phone. I don't know why it seems 'better' to be able to put a face to a voice but that's the way I've always felt. It seems somehow more personal.

Anyway, just finishing off some seats, hood frames and various parts for another slightly 'bumped' Gentry so off to the workshop for me.

See you again at the end of next week.


Friday, 13 June 2008

Brought to Task!

Hi all, if anyone is still reading!
At a social function last weekend I was brought to task over the lack of entries on the blog since completion.
With that in mind I will return to the Blog, if not every week, then every fortnight to provide further info on what we are doing etc. However, unless we just repeat build issues every time I may be needing your help. To make it more interesting it would be better if everyone reading who had a story, comments, advice etc joined in the blog and published those comments it would make the pages much more interesting.
Previously to avoid false links etc I had restricted the blog so that any comments made had to come through me to be approved first. In that way I could filter out the 'bad links' placed by non-Gentry interested folk. For a short while to see how it goes I'll open the page up again for your comments to be placed directly.