Thursday, 17 September 2009

Missed a few Updates!

I have to say in my defence that things have been very very busy!!
The system works well by putting the blog update onto the computer calender, only trouble is that when it pops up to remind you to do the update you need to do it there and then. If you delete it and think I'll do it later it somehow gets missed.

The complete build we were doing is finished apart from the IVA test. We had a little enforced delay whilst we waited for the new heated glass to arrive for the windscreen. The delay meant that we were forced into missing the inspection date and so now have to wait for another.
The new screen glass is excellent and although it caused a delay now it is here is is well worth the wait.

We have produced some new seats with detachable headrests for the IVA test. They look great and appear to be very comfortable as well.
All in all the few modifications we have made to the current build will make things a lot better for any new kit buyers as several changes have brought some significant improvements.
As and when we see these changes develop I will be altering the website to provide all the information.
Off to Stafford showground tomorrow for the kit car show and so expecting a busy weekend.
See you all very soon