Friday, 28 September 2007

Friday 28th September

Hi all

The last week has been a strange week. We don't appear to have had a minute to spare but I can't really see what we have done!
The most important part of the week was our meeting with David from VOSA who spent some time with us going over the changes we are proposing and talking us through some of the finer points. We really do appreciate his input and it has helped reinforce our view that the SVA is achievable on the Gentry, whilst still being able to maintain the stylish good looks the car has always had. So once again I would like to say a really big 'thank you ' to David and hope that the final car we send to Birmingham for the test meets his expectations.

We are going to be taking a quick break so nothing will be happening for a couple of weeks, so there will be little point updating the blog unless something that just can't wait occurs. Therefore the next scheduled blog update will take place on Saturday 13th October and thereafter we'll revert back to the normal Friday updates.

For those who are interested don't forget the Restoration show at Stoneleigh on Sunday 28th October (apparently that's the same weekend the clocks go backwards) and according to the adverts there are no advance tickets this time either.

We are still planning on having the launch of the car at the kit car show at Stoneleigh on the 4th/5th May. Nothing has happened so far to change that plan so we are pushing ahead with that date and hopefully will be able to achieve it.

Only a brief update this week but shortly work will commence on the body and then we should see the car starting to take shape.

Please keep returning to monitor the progress and if there is anything else you would like to see or know then drop me an email and I'll see if I can get it into the blog.


Friday, 21 September 2007

Update Friday 21st September

Doesn't time fly when your having fun and being kept busy?
Another week has flown by. All the relevant parts have gone off to be refurbished, exchanged or replaced. My special thanks go to Mark at Jigsaw who is sorting all of the above.

The painting of the workshop floor continues. Wouldn't it be easy if these things could be done before everything is placed in the workshop! Still that would have meant that the chassis hadn't been built and so you just have to accept that painting is more like a life sized Rubik's cube and just keep moving everything round until the entire floor has been painted. Twice!

Next week will see the workshop completely finished, a visit from the SVA Inspector who is coming to consider the changes we wish to pursue and the final moulds off to the fibreglass man.

During the last week we have received an enquiry from Russia regarding the availability of the car for export. I have replied at this time by saying that we are receiving sufficient enquiries from within the UK to deal with at the moment, but should we consider expansion we would contact them in the future.

The works will be taking a short break in the very near future so I'll provide an update next week on Friday as normal and then provide you with the break details.

See you next week.


Friday, 14 September 2007

Friday Update. 14th September 2007

The Donor Arrives

The Shell gets put out for 'Recycling'

The Chassis remains inside for the front and rear suspension to be removed.

Work has continued this week stripping out the donor to liberate the parts we require for the rebuild.

I have attached 3 photo's. The car on arrival and then the body shell left outside to be 'recycled' and the remains of the chassis inside with the front and rear suspensions still in situ.

This gives us an opportunity to photograph various important parts required from the donor whilst still in their original dirty greasy state and helps anyone undergoing a strip of the donor to see the parts in situ to help with identification.

All this relevant material will appear in the 'new' build manual.

I expect by the beginning of next week that all relevant parts will be lodged at Jigsaw racing ready for refurbishment whislt I continue to redesign the mould for the 'new' bulkhead. By the end of next week we should have all the various parts with relevant firms who are assisting and that should give us enough time to put the final touches to the new workshop before we set up the body jigs etc for a consultation visit from the SVA inspector and then take a break!

Off to Donnington kitcar show tomorrow, so if you are heading in the same direction we may see you, if not, I'm sure we'll be back at work on Monday to ensure that we continue to make progress.

Take care till next week.


Friday, 7 September 2007

Fridays Update. 7th September 2007

Well great progress this week. Our first chassis is finished!! well apart from a couple of blanking plates to be welded on to the end of the main rails.

This is the chassis that will be used on the demonstrator.

I have attached a photo just to prove that it is completed, in case you suspicious people out there doubt our progress.

We are working closely with Jisaw racing from Desborough in Northants as they will be suppling the reconditioned engine, gearbox etc and as soon as Mark gets back from his well earned rest work will begin at their end on the reconditioning.

At some point next week the donor mark 4 Sptifire will be rolled in and the stripping commenced.

We are planning a short break in a few weeks time and so it is important that the relevant parts are removed and conveyed to Jigsaw before we finish.
What more can I say. Very happy with our progress this week. Hopefully this momentum can be maintained so that we continue to make progress as we race towards Christmas!!!!