Friday, 21 September 2007

Update Friday 21st September

Doesn't time fly when your having fun and being kept busy?
Another week has flown by. All the relevant parts have gone off to be refurbished, exchanged or replaced. My special thanks go to Mark at Jigsaw who is sorting all of the above.

The painting of the workshop floor continues. Wouldn't it be easy if these things could be done before everything is placed in the workshop! Still that would have meant that the chassis hadn't been built and so you just have to accept that painting is more like a life sized Rubik's cube and just keep moving everything round until the entire floor has been painted. Twice!

Next week will see the workshop completely finished, a visit from the SVA Inspector who is coming to consider the changes we wish to pursue and the final moulds off to the fibreglass man.

During the last week we have received an enquiry from Russia regarding the availability of the car for export. I have replied at this time by saying that we are receiving sufficient enquiries from within the UK to deal with at the moment, but should we consider expansion we would contact them in the future.

The works will be taking a short break in the very near future so I'll provide an update next week on Friday as normal and then provide you with the break details.

See you next week.