Tuesday, 12 June 2007

On the Works front

We are currently trying to work out how to put 2 blog sites onto the web page. This one will be used for the developments to the build as they take place. The 'other' new one, when I can sort it, will be used to show pictures and prices of all the second hand parts we have available.

The start of the London to Brighton 2007

Hampton Court Palace
Cliff takes a quick look at the route for the run as we wait for our start time

Sometimes you just have to have fun!

Yes I know I should be busy working on the new car, but, well occasionally you have to take some time off.
Together with Register chairman Cliff and his wife Gill we travelled down to Weybridge on Saturday evening so we were close to Hampton Court Palace for the start of the London to Brighton run on Sunday morning. Glorious weather all the way down, not a cloud in sight.
Early start Sunday leave the hotel and arrive at Hampton Court Palace in time for our start at 09.07am.
Wonderful journey through some outstanding places/views although occasionally it was a little like taking part in one of the mountain sections of the Tour of France with cyclists charging down hill using all the road!
Quick break at Standen Hall and off again on the final push to Brighton. Weather clouded over a little at one point and it looked like we may get wet, but in the end it did hold off and the lid stayed down all day.
Stayed close to Brighton Sunday night and took a scenic route home on Monday.
Journey down was about 150 miles, the run itself was just over 91, route back nearer 200 miles. All completed with the roof down.
An excellent weekend break, highly recommended to anyone who wants to try it next year.