Monday, 5 February 2007

Meeting with the SVA man (A very nice man)

I have had a very productive meeting with the man at Birmingham who actually does the SVA tests. He was very helpful, informative and put paid to several myths that exist in the kit car world.
The first thing we clarified was in relation to what does and what does not require an SVA? His answer was simple, If you change or modify the chassis it will require an SVA, if it is merely a body change and the chassis is not modified or a new 'different' chassis isn't used then it does not require a test.
We went all through the issues we believed may cause concern at test stage and some of the solutions we had considered and then went out to look at a 'pre' SVA car. He indicated some areas that we hadn't considered that would now require modification for the test, but generally he was of the opinion that we would be able to retain the majority of the features we wanted and still pass the test.
It proved to be a very valuable meeting that has given me a clearer insight into the mystical world of SVA and I am very grateful to David for spending the time going through my concerns with me.

I have just completed a weekends course on mould making and resin casting with Steve at Articole Studios. A very interesting course that has suggested one or two different ideas for the future and I look forward to putting ito practice some of the new skills learnt over the weekend and would want to thank both Steve and Sam for their effort over the weekend.