Tuesday, 8 May 2007

May Update

Hi Everyone
It seems ages since I last provided any update on this page. We have just finished a weekend at the Kit car show at Stoneleigh and we came away very happy having won the Vince French trophy for our car and Ellen and I have won members of the year as well, so it was a very special weekend for us. Thanks to all those who voted for us. Photos of us and the trophies may appear here in the next few days if the weather clears up for long enough for us to take a photo.

We had the opportunity to chat with many 'new' owners and hopefully we have filled them full of renewed enthusiasm to carry on building!
As I told many of you over the weekend, I check emails in the morning and then again during the evening. If you need to speak to me via the phone the best time is between 5.30pm and 7pm.
By then I have come out of the workshop and can very often be found at the desk checking emails. Don't woryy about it being too late, dinner is normally at 7'ish. After that time I won't answer the works phone until 9am the next morning!

I promised Ellen I would finish the kitchen before any major car building takes place and so that is what I shall be doing for the next few weeks.

Whilst at Stoneleigh I made contact with a supplier of various Gentry parts from bumpers to torpedo lights etc and have emailed them today to see if they can forward me a full list of items available and a price list. Once I have the list I will put it on the Blog page.

Thats about all I have this time. Will be back as soon as there are more developments.