Friday, 28 March 2008

Update Friday 28th March

No photo of the car being delivered to the painters, but that's another story.

Had the exhaust made on Tuesday, everything going according to plan. Tried to think of all the jobs that needed doing before the car could be sprayed and the list on the workshop wall just seemed to keep growing, no matter how hard we worked there were more jobs being added to the bottom of the list than being rubbed off the top!

The final straw came late on Wednesday night. Just when it looked like we were nearly there ....
the 'additional' safety bolts required for the SVA because of having suicide doors failed. They were due to be set inside the door and the receiving part with the switch in it tucked into the door aperture. That was at 11pm. Time to make a coffee and examine the options.
Nothing for it but they had got to be removed and the holes/damage made good. Then whilst the car was being painted we could work on a surface mounted option that at least we could adjust without major work on the doors and aperture. By the time I had nearly finished it was 02.30am!! Still at least the car could be delivered as promised for painting.
I got up early to finish off the few little jobs that needed sorting, loaded the car and drove to the paint shop. A final check with Ian as to what, where, how etc and push the car into the paint shop. Go to get the camera to record this momentous occasion only to find the camera is still sat on the work bench!!! Well at least I got the car there.

I spent today cleaning and tidy the workshop so that when the car returns we are as prepared as we can be for the rebuild.

The dash hasn't yet returned so I can't provide any update there. Spoke with the trimmers who are looking forward to getting the car into their workshop to give the car the final touches.

I am still enjoying every minute of the build, but, the time had definitely arrived when it was time to take a break. I needed to give the car to someone else to keep the momentum going as I was running out of steam and needed a break.

Once the batteries are recharged we will commence the rebuild. In the meantime Cliff is locked away with a safety bolt, micro switch, buzzer, 12 volt battery and a head full of ideas.

See you next week


Friday, 21 March 2008

Update Friday 21st March 2008

Another busy week for us both finishing off all the little jobs as well as fitting the doors and bonnet.
Ian, our painter came to check the progress and wants the car next Thursday to get the car painted.
The exhaust people, Custom Chrome, want the car Tuesday for the exhaust so it's all systems go to get everything finished ready for them to do their bit.

It feels like we are running out of time to get everything finished, but we just keep putting in long hours in an attempt to keep things moving in the right direction. It now depends upon how long it takes Ian to get it painted and the trimmers to get it upholstered.

I spoke with Chapman and Cliff a few days ago and we can expect the dash to be returned at the end of next week.

The plan remains that when it returns from painting we will build the car back up, make the sidescreens and hood frame, take the car to the trimmers to finish off the doors, carpet etc and then take it for its SVA.

I will give a brief update next week, but by then the car will be in the paint shop so there won't be a great deal to tell, but I may try to get a photo of it arriving at the painters!

See you next week


Friday, 14 March 2008

Update Friday14th March

Well now it would appear is the hardest part of the lot! Working your way around the car finishing all the little jobs that make the car a car.
All the lights have been fitted, wiring loom connected where necessary, extra supports made for under the running boards and front wings and then fitted.
The last remaining 'big' jobs are fitting the doors, bonnet and windscreen and wipers.
Work commences and finishes on them next week.
Then all the 'extras' need to be taken off again and the car prepared for painting. We are hoping to get the car into the paint shop during the week commencing Monday 24th ( No-one here has heard about Bank Holidays!)
Once it returns it is rebuild everything, finish the trim and take the car for the SVA!!!!
Will not add any extra photos now to the blog until it returns from the paint shop.

See you next week when most jobs should have been finished.


Friday, 7 March 2008

Update Friday 7th March

An early update this week so that I can go back into the workshop and not worry about anything except building the car for a few hours.
My right hand man Cliff has just left. He returned this week to provide yet more support, guidance and general engineering ability despite having had both knees operated on only a couple of weeks ago. He took the briefest of time off to allow them to almost recover and then came back to the 'mill' probably earlier than his specialist would have liked.

The days are ticking by and there is still alot to do before the SVA test.
The plan is to build the car completely, ensure that everything works, the car runs etc etc and then strip off all the 'extras' and send it away to be painted.
Once it returns from being painted, rebuild it all again, check everything for a third time, then check it all again and take it for an SVA test.
After that has been completed, hopefully successfully, take some photographs in Somersham and head off to the kit car show in Stoneleigh.

Well that's simple enough then!

Might just as well get back to work and make a start on the remaining work. The back end is completed, now moving forwards to doors etc.

Will be back next week to let you know how the progress is going.
See you next week


Saturday, 1 March 2008

Some photos on the 1st March!!!

Some 'extra' photo's as I felt good when the screen was temporarily attached this morning to check fit etc.
The first picture shows the beginnings of the 'new' two piece bonnet. It's now ready for the final shaping and preparing then it's back off to the fibreglass firm for the mould and the panel to be made.

The second shows the new feet, fitted to screen and body, if only temporarily.

The final picture shows the 'Desmo' type mirror fitted to the screen foot, wrapped in its plastic edging for SVA. Hopefully this will keep you all going for a while!!
I know it helps me to keep hitting these targets. It proves to me that we are making the right progress as well as the car looking like it is coming together.