Saturday, 19 June 2010

Newark update

Hi Folks
Work on re-building and re-arranging the workshop space has now finished and so it is heads down and get some work done!
Very happy with the way it has worked out as I can now leave the jig tables up all the time and we have finally managed to get the best use out of the space available. At long last the days of taking down the tables and moving them out into the trailer have gone!!!!

We are off for a leisurely drive to Newark show today. For the first time since we started we haven't got a stand inside the show and will be attending as Gentry Register members and parking our car on the club stand like all other members. This was partly because we didn't think we would be able to attend the show and so booking a stand would have been a waste and partly because I have my own views on the value of shows from our point of view.
It will be interesting to time to have a walk round and and check things out without worrying about people on the stand.
Anyway North East Secretary, Peter, has planned a BBQ for this evening and so hopefully the weather will hold out so we can eat in the dry!

Not much I can say about any future development at this stage as we are too busy with orders to consider and new directions. I have floated the idea of a TD version of the car with 'open' wings etc and would dearly love to develop a 3 wheeler Gentry but Ellen gives me some very stern looks whenever I mention it!!!!

See you all soon, get out and enjoy your cars while the weather lasts.