Sunday, 14 March 2010

Update Sunday 14th March

If there are any spelling mistakes at the end of this I blame the fact that I am trying to type with a broken left index finger!! Yes I know, should take more care when using the pillar drill but we have all done it. Just a small hole no need to engage brain then suddenly it's too late and you've got to make a splint out of a paint stirring stick and electrical insulation tape!
It is a straight forward break and should bring about any complications so it is just making things a little difficult but not impossible.

I have re styled the bonnet and scuttle and the new panels are in the glass fibre factory having molds made as I type (well probably not as it is 10.45pm!) They look great, are an improvement over the last ones and I can't wait to build another car and use them!

Out trip to France in September this year is gathering momentum and there are now 3 cars and 5 of us going, if anyone else wants to join in then they would be most welcome. As I've previously said it is not going to be anything strenuous as I'm looking for a break of a different kind. It will be a gentle meander around, hopefully meeting up with some of the Gentry owners that are lucky enough to reside in France all year round!
Had no takers to make a film for U Tube so I can only assume that we have no budding film makers reading the blog. Something else I'll have to get round to eventually.

I have had to hand my car over to our senior engineer Cliff to get it ready fore the Dartmoor trip as I am too busy to sort it myself!!

Anyway must go, have got to finish the bottle of red (pain killer for the finger is my excuse)
See you all in a fortnight.