Friday, 25 January 2008

Friday 25th January 2008

A good week this week. The screen feet have been returned from the foundry. They survived the process and now need cleaning and polishing in order that they can be recast in brass. 1 - 0

The doors, gearbox cover and tunnel have been completed to our satisfaction and sent back to the fibreglass firm for new molds to be made. 2 - 0

My towing vehicle breaks down just as I need it to take the body to the painters for the engine bay to be painted 2 - 1

One of the members comes to our assistance and the car is still delivered to the paint shop 3 - 1

The front and rear suspensions are fitted, as is the engine 4 - 1

The isuzu is still broken and no-one seems able to fix it. 4 - 2

Have visited the paint shop and the colour looks good, the painting is excellent and so we look forward to its early return next week by which time the chassis will be completed so the body can be attached and the build continue.

What more can I say, we are close to the planned timeline for the build and things are still going better than I could have expected.

See you next week.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Update for Friday 18th January 2008

It's back to that familiar feeling of 3 steps forwards and 2 back at the moment.
Firstly the web site hosts crashed earlier in the week so the site was not accessible. That appears to have been sorted out now.
The patterns for the windscreen feet did not survive the process and so have been remade and returned to the foundry. We will find out on Tuesday whether they have made it this time.
We have had the wings delivered and we are very happy about the quality and so are looking at other parts of the car that could also be fibreglassed in the future.
The steering column has been fitted so that I can finish the design of the dash and ensure we are complying with the SVA requirements.
I was not happy with some of the door issues and so they have been remade and returned for new molds to be taken.
The paint shop was full and so the car won't be heading off for an engine bay colouring until next week.
The gearbox cover and prop shaft tunnel have been fabricated and are waiting to head off to the fibreglass shop for molds and so real progress has been made in several areas.

With luck next week we will finalise all panels, molds etc and work will then continue on completing the chassis to a fully rolling chassis with engine gearbox etc all fitted so that when the body returns form the paintshop it can be fitted straight onto the chassis and then the remainder of the car can be built.

I suspect some late evenings next week to keep on track but what else could you be doing on these long dark cold winter evenings?

See you next week


Friday, 11 January 2008

Friday 11th January 2008

Hi folks
A good week this week. We have resolved numerous issues and made good progress on the build.
Our thanks this week go to PHX castings in Dudley who are sorting out the windscreen feet for us as I type! Mick from PHX has taken up the challenge well and hopefully by the end of next week we will have our new feet ready for chroming.
As far as the build goes we have finished the back of the car with the tank cover , spare wheel carrier and spare wheel hub all having been fitted.
At the front end the bonnet is finished and fitted and looks a million dollars!!

We have made arrangements to collect the remaining fibreglass panels on Monday and the body will be off to the paint shop to have the colour put into the engine bay next week.
Whilst it's away we will be building up the chassis so that on its return the chassis will be ready to take the body and then its a push to complete the car in time for the SVA!!!!

See you all next week, take care till then.


Friday, 4 January 2008

Update for Friday 4th January 2008

A good week this week with lots of progress being made. The split bonnet is made, the seat frames have been delivered to the trimmers ready for us to choose the leather tomorrow at the suppliers.

I have made progress on the new feet for the windscreen and hopefully by the end of next week they will be off to the foundry for casting.

I have ordered the glass for the windscreens and the template will be collected next week.

The application for the SVA test has been completed and posted and so we continue to make progress towards completion.

See you next week when hopefully the progress will be maintained.