Monday, 29 September 2008

Update Monday 29th September

Thought I'd better sneak the update in before the end of September.
Things are just a little hectic at the moment, not as bad as when we were building the demonstrator, but more than enough to keep us very busy, thus the reason for forgetting about the Blog update!

Not a great deal of exciting news I can ad this week about developments and progress in a general sense. Digby has been delivered to Sweden and Elwyn, the new owner, is having fun before the winter sets in. He has just discovered that owning and driving a Gentry makes you new friends every time you take the car out.

Managing to pick up a few little bits and pieces for the 'police' car special and when we do get a few hours spare I have started the task of stripping the donor that will be used for it.

Now all I need is a little bit more space, a few more hours each day and a few extra days in the week and I could get done everything I need to.

See you in just under a fortnight


Sunday, 14 September 2008

Update Sunday 14th September

Hi Folks
Sorry I missed Friday I hope you've all come back again to see if there has been an update.
We have been busy over the last few weeks trying to prepare one of our 'older' cars for export to Sweden. It's amazing how the time flies when you have several jobs on the go at the same time!

We have a steady order of events between now and Christmas, which is good for business, but not so good for my next Gentry, the replica police car.
We have several ideas for further development and are currently looking at an adaptor plate for the type 9 gearbox to a Triumph engine. This avoids the need for the remote gearbox extension and provides a five speed box that has always been considered to be a better option than the Triumph box. Although these are already made by some firms we are looking at several options to see who can provide the best service for us.

So development continues, when we get the chance, and things are moving along very nicely. I'll be back in a fortnight to see if we can maintain this momentum towards Christmas!