Saturday, 30 August 2008

Update Saturday 30th August

Hi Folks

We have just finished preparing a car that is shortly off to Sweden. We already know of just one out there so we have increased the Swedish collection by 100%!

We have received yet another email from France regarding registration of an 'older' Gentry.
France seems to be the growth area for 'older' Gentrys at the moment and we are looking forward to getting over there soon to meet up with them all.

Here at the works were are busy stripping out 2 donors for customers. Normally we would leave this part of the 'build' to the customer but as we already had the cars it made sense for us to remove all the vital parts.
At this rate we will very soon be busy on chassis fabrication again, so if anyone wants a chassis please give us a ring at the earliest opportunity.
Still collecting pits and pieces for our 'Police' special, so if you have any parts that you think we may like/need please email me.

See you all in a fortnight.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday 15th August 2008

Hi All

Before I forget again I meant to mention that we completed the Silverstone Retro Run at the end of July, and went to the classic met on both the Saturday and Sunday. We had a great time, especially on the Sunday, when those who had taken part in the Retro run were allowed 2 laps of the circuit! The cars as usual gained many admirers and I feel they quite easily held their own amongst the expensive 'classics'

We also attended the Peterborough kit car show last weekend and had a very busy time as yet again the car was received very well.
The order books are filling very nicely and we are managing to keep the Gentry flag flying high.

I managed to grab a sneak pre-view of the article that is due to go into the next edition of Totalkitcar magazine, which is due out very shortly, we are very happy with the way the article has been written up. We were open and honest with Steve and Carol and they have responded by delivering a good article. If you don't normally buy totalkitcar magazine but enjoy the Gentry then please make a special effort for the next one!

Does anyone have any photographs of 'old' garages that we could use as a backdrop on our stand? We can find many firms that will print it onto the backdrop, just need a good quality photograph of a 'good old fashioned garage'

See you in a fortnight.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Update 5th August 2008

Hi Folks
Sorry about the late update, it flashed up on my computer and like a fool I deleted it before I'd done the update, then forgot about it until today!

Busy removing engine out of our car from last years London to Brighton run. It was getting a little tired and needed a new lease of life. Managed to find another one so its a simple swap job.
Also planning for the Peterborough show which is at the end of the week.

Very busy with various orders, as soon as the engine swap is completed we should be fabricating a chassis or two, so if you want one now is the time to get the order in. With space being at a premium once we set up for body tub builds there's no going back to fabricating chassis and so any orders placed after the end of August could mean waiting until around Christmas time before we are able to go back to chassis production!

Still on the look out for items for my 'police' special, so if you know where I might find any bits please let me know.

back in just under a fortnight.