Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wednesday 6th January 2010!!!!!

Hi All

first of all an apology, then a rant and finally the update.

As you are all probably aware we are having major building work done at home. Somehow, someone managed to remove our Internet link/telephone wire!! As it was heading towards Christmas no-one wanted to be bothered to solve the problem and so we had to wait until after the holidays to get it sorted. Well now it is sorted and we are back able to speak with the world, so I hope you all had a very good Christmas and that 2010 brings you all that you would wish.
We are currently working away under quarantine. Ellen in on the Tamiflu having been diagnosed with swine flu. I have broken out in itchy spots and may have succumbed to a bout of measles!! Now what a good start to the year that is.

Now for the rant. I know that this is not a political blog nor will it ever be one however, there are times when you just have to speak out. I'm all for free speech etc and that is what makes our Country as good as it is. However, if this government or the local police allow a demonstration to take place in Wootton Bassett protesting against our solders in various war arenas around the world then I hope the remainder of the sane world turn up in their thousands to show that we the British people will not allow such an occasion to take place. No matter how busy I am at the time, if they decide they are going to demonstrate, then I for one will be attending to fill the centre of Wootton Bassett with normal sensible everyday people. If we fill the town then they can have their demonstration about 10 miles away where they cannot be heard or seen.
Second more minor rant, is my memory failing that badly that or have I become confused? When I was a lad and it snowed we walked to school, throwing snowballs and sliding around, perhaps even, heaven forbid, falling over! If it was still too bad to go outside at break then we were kept inside. At 4pm we charged out of the school hoping that the snow hadn't melted so that the same fun could be had on the way home. Now apparantly at the first sign of a snow flake we must close the schools. According to one deputy head on the news today this was to 'look after the welfare of the students and teachers' What a load of bunkum. This country has lost the plot over health and safety and what we can and can't do. Don't go out unless absolutely necessary. For most of us who have to earn a living surely going to work is absolutely necessary. For those of us that drive a 4 x 4, most of the year we are treated like lepers, now suddenly the emergency services can't cope and would like us all to rally round and help reach difficult cut off areas as without our vehicles people will freeze or starve. Well make your minds up, Do you like 4 x 4's or not?

Okay, all the ranting is now over and I'm feeling calm again, apart form the itchey little spots that are driving me mad!!!!!!!

The most recent Gentry built went through the new IVA test before Christmas and passed with flying colours so that is good news for us and our customers that are busily building their cars. the normal little querky bits are still there but at least f you know about them you know how to deal with them.

A big thank you to everyone that has emailed or phoned with a solution to the lock problem. There are now several lines being followed and hopefully we will identify a long term solution that meets the requirements and also looks good.

My New Years resolution is to try to provide an update every 2 weeks. I know you've heard it all before and I do try my best. 2010 will show that I a making a very special effort to acheive that one simple goal. Updates will revert back to the normal Friday evening, so the next one will now be on Friday 15th January and then every fornight thereafter!!!!!!!!
See you all soon Sorry of there any mistakes the spell checker has stopped working, must be the snow!!!!