Friday, 16 November 2007

Update Friday 16th November 2007

An update on a Friday for the third week in a row!!!!!

Now if the build went as well as the Blog.......... we would nearly have a car by now!!!
Still cannot complain too much. This has been another interesting week with progress eventually being made with the body tub. We now know exactly how long it takes to redesign a body part, have a mould made and then make a panel from the new mould. Anyway having gone through that process we have finally fitted the rear of the body tub into place and the last thing we did this week was laminate everything into place.
We believe that we have resolved all the issues over the seatbelt mountings and a visit to the kit car show at Exeter on Sunday should confirm our thoughts so that we can move swiftly ahead next week.

Some of the week was spent working out how to move some of the heavier equipment from one location to another. After much consideration it was decided that our louvre press would need to be moved and so Wednesday was pretty much spent achieving that goal. Initially that seemed like an easy objective but when it weighs about half a ton it takes some working out.
Then of course after moving it you have to change round the entire configuration of the workshop in order to give it a home from where you can actually use it. Most of that work was completed late into Wednesday night but at least allowed us to continue working on Thursday.

I will provide some photos of the progress next week without fail and will be back to tell you all about how the week goes. see you soon.